Where does sadness end and depression begin?

Is there a difference between sadness and depression? Everyone is sad once, but depressed? How do I differentiate a sad mood from a depressive phase? We quickly pronounced the word «depression». By that we mean that we are sad or have a bad mood. Who wants to be depressed, suffering from a true depression?

Can I diagnose «depression» by myself?

Those who call themselves depressed or diagnosed are mostly sad or suffer from autumn blues, a seasonal depression.

Sadness is a strong emotion that we do not like to admit, because it makes us look fragile and more vulnerable. We do not want to show anyone our vulnerability.

The term «depression» already has a medical character.

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What is sadness?

Sadness is a mood or better a mood low, which disappears again after a certain time.

When we are sad, something pulls us down and takes away our motivation. Maybe we drop out of school or miss work.

But it is not enough for us to withdraw completely. We still do things, albeit less pleasurable or dynamic. We are still active in our area of life.

Anyone who is sad often seeks a person who can comfort him and talk to them. In any case, those affected manage their sadness in one way or another, according to their personality.


What does depression mean?

Depression is not a temporary mood depression but a mental illness. She needs treatment. It is much longer compared to sadness.

For the diagnosis, the affected person must have six months of symptoms to be diagnosed with depression from a medical perspective.

Those who suffer depression are overwhelmed by it. He no longer finds help and neglects his obligations. The activities are reduced to the least. The persons concerned describe themselves as extremely tired and exhausted.

Loneliness instead of contact?

Depressed people do not seek contact. On the contrary, they gradually stop the contacts and prefer the loneliness, even if they do not feel well on their own.

Sadness changes our mood and habits in a small amount of time. In a depression, the actions of those affected is restricted. Everyday work and tasks can no longer be fulfilled by depressives.

Depressed – we have no tomorrow

Who is sad because he has not achieved something or lost someone who suffers, but not permanently. He can also laugh and he knows that the sadness gives way and disappears again.

The depression is characterized by hopelessness. No glimmer of hope shows in depressives and they do not deal with the days when they feel better again, because they fight with their darkened present.

Depression is a mental illness. It should not be taken lightly, but belongs in the hands of a doctor. She needs to be diagnosed and treated because she does not go away by herself.

Where does sadness end and depression begin
Where does sadness end and depression begin