What is my life mission?

What is my life mission, you might ask yourself! You may be in the process of finding your life mission, destiny, freedom, independence or happiness. But something always keeps you from completing the project.

What is stopping you to find your life mission?

Now the question arises, what prevents you from doing that? What is holding you? Yes, and maybe this constant failure makes you frustrated, depressed, and maybe even slightly angry, because there is no progress. Is that so?

To get out of this trap, there is only one thing, namely to take control. It is important to find out what is keeping you from sabotaging and progressing.

It is quite possible that you are under the influence of one or more of the most common blockages and have not noticed it yet.


1st self-doubt

Even the best of us can be plagued by self-doubt at some point in their lives. It is part of the human condition and a way to assert oneself in an often confusing world.

The fear of failure is perhaps the biggest obstacle that keeps people from unleashing their true potential.

But if you get stuck in the anxious and blocked mindset, it’s pretty sure you’ll never achieve anything. If you stay small, you can not act.

This condition will prevent you from growing and reaching your full potential.

2nd The opinion of others

Self-doubt feeds on caring about what others think about you. There will always be many saboteurs who try to keep you from living your dreams.

Yes, it is like carving in stone, there will always be people who doubt your ability to reach your dream.

But there will also be people who support you and who believe in you.

Your biggest supporter should be you. You do not need permission from anyone to reach and live your dreams and goals.

You only need the conviction and the will to pursue your passion.

3rd Missing goal

Few people consciously talk about the purpose of life, but a conscious and mindful life is essential to live your lifelong dream. It makes no sense to pursue a dream or passion half-heartedly and listlessly.

Name your goal and proceed as with any other project. Organize yourself and be methodical and give your goal the care and attention it deserves.

This means writing down the goal, having a plan and holding yourself accountable.

And if you want to go one step further, think what your action could have for impact. What heritage do you want to leave behind?

What is my Life Mission
What is my Life Mission