What is mindfulness and what is meditation?

We often put words in our mouths because they are hip and we do not know exactly what it is or where the difference lies. Mindfulness or meditation?

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Longing for balance and inner peace?

Mindfulness, yoga and meditation are currently in demand. They have positive effects on body, mind and soul. It is these buttons that stop everyday life, they can reduce stress and make us more balanced.

With mindfulness and meditation we have two methods that help us to better master everyday life with all its demands.

Is there a longing for inner peace in the trend?

The trend is usually in the yearning for inner peace. Because the opportunities and opportunities that we have today also create stress and hectic pace.

As a result, the longing to withdraw and to re-perceive oneself, to be aware of oneself, grows.

When am I careful?

Too often we go a little way, ride the bike and notice that we did not notice the track. We lose ourselves in thought and do not realize what is happening anymore. Too much requires our attention.
What is mindfulness and what is meditation?

What is mindfulness and what is meditation?

Mindfulness can help us to perceive the moment again. We can consciously, through mindfulness exercises, feel that moment as we walk step by step, when we bake a cake, when we sit, feel the sunbeams on our noses and just are there – now.

When do I meditate?

When we meditate, we want to withdraw from our outer world. We take it as it did with rising thoughts, but we do not give them meaning and let them go.

Now it’s about ourselves. We do not want to think or feel in meditation, but to perceive ourselves through all our envelopes to the innermost, to the consciousness.

Mindfulness and meditation

We can call meditation the way to our self, to our being. It gives us peace and strength. It’s like experiencing the hub in the middle of the wheel, the silence in the storm.

Through mindfulness, we have a method to slow down everyday life a bit and perceive it more consciously.

Author: Intuition